What is Enterprising – List of Enterprising Skills

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FitnessWalkingThe word enterprising has the word enterprise in it and therefore is often associated with just a person’s business world, but we at Gwenny Enterprises Online believe enterprising can actually refer to all aspects of a person’s life.

Let’s look at some attributes an enterprising person displays on a daily basis.

Prioritize your tasks for the day

  1. Focus on being Enterprising
  2. Be able to solve problems
  3. Be creative
  4. Show initiative and able to make decisions on your own
  5. Take action

Prioritize Your Tasks for the Day

This is one of my favourite topics, which I learned far too late in life, (you might say, never too late). The sooner you prioritize your tasks, make lists, diarize your thoughts and what you want to achieve for the day, the month, even the year.

You will be amazed by the extra time you seem to have and you will accomplish so much more because you are not bamboozled with an over active mind trying to think what to do next.

If unexpected events arise, which will happen, you will have the mindset to cope.

Focus on being Enterprising

Wake Up Lazy


How do you start your day, do you crawl out of bed feeling tired and unmotivated?

Change this attitude, which is all it is. If you hate what you do on a daily basis, I feel sorry for you, I fortunately haven’t been in that position, although I have changed my career path on a several occasions.

Try bouncing out of bed telling yourself what a fabulous life you have, with your list of tasks you are going to achieve that you made up the night before, tell yourself how much you love your job, your boss, your work colleagues, the old fake it until you make it.

I believe there are ways out of your negative situation, this is where an enterprising person looks for alternatives. Look at extra learning, change direction in your career and this isn’t necessarily easy but remember we are now looking to be enterprising.

Look at your hobbies, your passions, what you are really good at, believe me you will have some great personal talent specific to you, dig deep down and it is there, just find it.

We have lots of different organizations in today’s world with so many experts who are available to give us advice and help with our situation. Go find them and be enterprising.

Be able to solve problems

Gwenyth at Gwenny Enterprises Online has always had the attitude, if a problem or error arises, which will happen regularly, don’t look to blame somebody. ‘LET’S FIX IT’.

Being enterprising is being able to see an alternative to a problem and not fall into a negative heap. Concentrate on a positive outcome and you will be amazed where the answers come from.

None of us like dramas in our lives, but they do occur, and we have to cope with what is thrown at us. ‘We either fall or we rise above the problem’. This can be challenging, however with an enterprising and positive mind set we are able to find a solution and move on to our next task.

Remember if we dwell on a problem, (negative state) we are giving our power away which restricts us moving forward.

Be creative

Your brain is working overtime in many directions. You either feed it negatives thoughts or you feed it great stuff that will benefit your life in so many ways.

Listen to the conversations you have with yourself, are they creative or are you living in a private world of negativity, where you are talking yourself and situations down. ‘STOP’.

Be grateful and your creative genius will kick in, think of the wonderful things that are happening in your life on a day to day basis, the achievements you have made so far, and if you feel you haven’t achieved as much as you would like, start using your special talents to create the lifestyle you desire.

What else would you like in your life? Live in the present and be thankful and enjoy every moment. Use your mind power to develop and create great things, whether this be in business, better relationships, a health regime or if you are just creating a beautiful, happy space for you and your family to live in.

You can create all this.

Show initiative and be able to make decisions on your own

An enterprising person is their own person, they may have wonderful friends and a loving family but they are able to make their own decisions. This doesn’t mean being selfish, in fact, you are able to think and be you, which in turn will be beneficial to your loved-ones or colleagues on a day to day basis.

If we have to rely on other people to make our lives complete, it is quite often very draining on each other and can develop into a very negative situation.

Imagine living or working with someone who is unable to make decisions on their own, there would be so much time and energy wasted, which is not how an enterprising person likes to live.

There is nothing more beautiful than to have a wonderful partner in your life, but to be enterprising in your own interests is something very special and leads to a wonderful relationship.

Take Action

Have you found areas of your life that need attention in being enterprising?

Try working on the few suggestions above and you will feel the difference in achieving a magnificent transformation.

Before retiring at night make a list of the things you want to achieve the following day.

Wake up and try to have a few minutes of meditation, feel excited about carrying out your goals for the day, which you have prepared the previous night. This may include, morning exercise, showering, having a healthy breakfast, not grabbing some take-away on the way to work.

If you commute to work use this time to listen to motivational tapes or just catch up on the world news. Lots of people say they don’t listen to the news (I agree, too depressing) but if you listen to snippets of news, you keep up with what is happening in the world around us. This is very important for an enterprising person.

Great your work colleagues with a friendly smile, (we often work with people we wouldn’t normally mix with) this is where our enterprising tools come in handy. We can rise above these negative emotions and if things are too bad, “there is a way out” find it.

Take pride in your work, whatever the situation is, that old but true saying, ‘if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing properly‘.

When you come to the end of your workplace hours, allow your mind to relax on the way home. If you are driving, use this time to listen to music and try to cut off from your day’s events.

Do this and you will be ready to greet your famiilyfor a fun time and with love. Some people have to continue work when they get home, if so, make sure you have a time when you turn off your phone, have dinner and family time before starting again.

Go to bed being grateful for your day, make your list for tomorrow, and you will be pleasantly surprised how lots of your daily problems dissolve.

Work on being healthy, having fun and lots of love.









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