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Lady with coffeeAn enterprising coffee lover will enjoy making their own coffee at home rather than driving to pick up a coffee in a cardboard mug.   The enterprising granny likes to make an occassion of every situation in life and making great coffee is just another example of being enterprising.

Do You Enjoy a Good Cup of Coffee?

Many people find that a good cup of coffee is one of the great pleasures in life and it is now recognized a couple of cups each day is beneficial to your health.  Coffee is thought to improve energy levels, provides essential nutrients, suggestions have been made that coffee lowers risk of certain diseases, fights depression and black coffee promotes weight-loss,

There are many ways of enjoying your coffee, if you are a barista you are aware of the complicated requests you receive on a daily basis.

Let’s look at a few of the usually types of coffee our Italian friends taught us.

Espresso Class

Long black, short black, black with milk on the side, white coffee, sounds boring but a true coffee lover still enjoys this type of coffee hit.

Some Europeans like a nip of alcohol to their favorite freshly-brewed coffee, some follow tradition and mix up an Irish
coffee with whiskey or get decadent and add liqueurs like amaretto, butterscotch schnapps, or Irish cream.

The enterprising granny isn’t advocating this when making your breakfast coffee, she is just relating the wonderful traditions of good coffee making around the world.

Instand CoffeeUnfortunately so many people have developed the dreadful habit of buying a jar of instant coffee that we buy from the supermarket and drink it out of some clunky mug and slurp it down with no real appreciation of what they are drinking and the effort that has gone into the preparation of the bean, from the farm to the mug.

The same goes with bad food and the reason so many people are obese, but that is another subject for another day.   enterprising people don’t live that way, they enjoy every event and make an occasion of everything they do.

Preparing Your Coffee at Home.

If you love coffee and want to enjoy the best coffee at home, a coffee machine is a great investment and you will find it will become your best friend and the money you save on take out coffee will more than pay for a good machine.

There are many espresso coffee machines available and after doing our research, we feel we have discovered a machine that has answered all the questions we wanted answered as well as coming with a grinder and several other items.

coffee achine Inst

Don’t be tempted to buy a pod machine, that coffee is really just one step up from instant coffee, and the pods are adding to landfill.

Buy Beans Not Ready Ground Coffee.

There is a coffee grinder  included in this well priced coffee machine package.  Coffee becomes very stale and loses it flavor which is a waste if you are trying to become a bit of a coffee connoisseur and enjoy the best coffee.

Find a coffee shop that sells a variety of fresh coffee beans, these beans can be more expensive but you generally find you use fewer beans.   Coffee deteriorates and good coffee shops show a used by date on the packet which is only about 30 days after you purchase the beans.

The packaged coffee in the supermarket is stale, and lacks the rich flavor of the freshly ground coffee beans.

Home Coffee Solutions – Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee

Now you have a great coffee machine and found a good coffee shop, be adventurist and try the different types of beans on offer, you can generally buy small quantities to experiment with and you will soon find your favorite bean or blend.

You don’t have to become a coffee snob, but try the different ways of preparing your coffee.

Espresso – is a single shot and best blended from different roasts to create a bold, intense flavor.   Espresso is often used as a base for many recipes or drinks.

Macchiato – is an espresso shot, topped with foam.

Americano – is a shot or two or three of espresso combined with hot water depending on the strength you prefer.

Cappuccino –  still one of our favorites in Australia, is equal parts espresso, and foamed milk with chocolate or cocoa powder sprinkled on top.

Latte – similar to a cappuccino, only served in a glass with the steamed milk and just a small amount of foam.

Mocha – a combination of espresso, chocolate and steamed milk

Café au Lait – coffee with milk,
originated in France and is equal parts brewed coffee and steamed (or
warmed) milk.

There are many other varieties of coffee to be enjoyed and you will have fun discovering the different types available.  Learn from your coffee shop experts, you generally find they are very happy to share their knowledge, for you to take home and practice.

Enjoy Your Coffee in the Correct Mugs/Cups

The Enterprising Granny loves to use the correct containers for every occasion

Becoming a Coffee connoisseur
There is so much to learn about coffee, and to become a true connoisseur is equivalent to becoming a true wine connoisseur.   This isn’t necessary, however as with the necessity of enjoying wine out of good wine glasses, it is equally as important to enjoy your coffee out of the proper mug or glass.

Make each cup of coffee a special occasion and with your new home coffee solutions and your new equipment, each cup of coffee you have will be that much more special than you thought possible you will be able to enjoy the coffee that best suits you and your family.

If you have children, they will be able to enjoy their hot chocolate made with your new coffee machine and glasses with great froth on top, or you can all enjoy a decacant iced coffee.

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee




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