The Enterprising Granny Shares – The Best Quick Weight Loss Diet

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Fat man croppedThe Best Quick Weight Loss Diet.    Haven’t we all encounted the problem of gaining unwanted excess weight at some stage in our lives.   This is another area of our lives, ‘The Enterprising Granny’ wants to share the need to be enterprising.

When we Google Enterprising – Having or showing initiative and resourcefulness.

Cambridge Dictionary –  Good at thinking of and doing new and difficult things, especially things that will make money: – Ready to undertake projects of importance or difficulty, or untried schemes; energetic in carrying out any undertaking:

I hope you are beginning to practice enterprising habits in all aspects of your life and feeling the power of the success it brings.

The Best Quick Weigh loss Diet.

nutritionEverything we do starts in our head, and gaining weight isn’t different to any other area of our life. Start your new diet by not thinking of a diet, start by thinking about being enterprising, looking good and hot, and more importantly thinking healthy.

No this isn’t boring food, if you think this way you will be overweight for the rest of your life, unless you are unhealthy and can’t put on weight, which of course is an even a greater reason to eat healthy food.Supermarket Shop

The Enterprising Granny, loves making lists.   Try food shopping once a week, involve the rest of the family, and have a cook up on the weekend, you will be amazed, firstly how much money you save and how you do in fact spend less time thinking about food.

What foods do you go to as a quick meal or snack, right it down and buy ingredients around that.  Start thinking fresh food, low fat and little sugar.

You hear people say, my children won’t eat that! they won’t, because they haven’t been brought up to think about healthy foods and whether we like it or not that is called training our children, we should just expect them to eat healthy food.

So often children say they want fast food and it is bought for them as a meal, virtually to shut them up, which you find happens several times a week and then the poor kids end up overweight with a poor self esteem.

Make a Ritual of Your Eating

Family at dinner
Don’t do other things while you eat, sit at a meal table, preferably with the rest of your family, engage in conversation and enjoy the food and the occasion.   So many people sit in front of the TV, slouched on a couch, food in hand and slurp down junk, which isn’t good for their mind, and certainly not good for their body.

You see people eating whilst they are driving, quite often these fatty snacks have been picked up at a service station,
and are swilled down with some sugar laden soft drink.

The best quick weight loss diet starts with being enterprising, our wonderful body needs to be taken care of and just like a car, it needs to be serviced by eating good food.   Enjoy the odd naughty snack on special occasions, but only on rare occasions and enjoy them whilst you are eating them.

Buy Fresh Foods

Fruit & Veg Shop

When purchasing foods, buy fresh, all processed foods are full of sugar, salt, fats and preservatives, ‘these make you fat’.  You can even buy rice today that you can cook in a microwave for a few minutes, check out the label on this.  If you purchase normal rice it takes 10mins to cook on a stove top or in a rice cooker, it’s a similar time for potatoes or pasta, don’t pretend you are too busy for this.

Cut up vegetable are available these days, these are washed in chlorinated water to stop the mould forming and to make them look fresh, check the labels and use them straight away. and using these you maybe save yourself  ‘say 10min’ this time isn’t going to make a great difference to your life,  prepare fresh food from a store and use the time in the kitchen to involve the rest of the family and have family conversation and interaction, and this will in turn teach your children the fun and enjoyment of good food, not with the TV going, just enjoy the moment.

If you pick up fast food on the way home, or have it delivered, that takes time, and if you have children, they are not learning about the wonderful pleasure of good food, and more importantly they are not learning the importance of good nutrition .

One of ‘ The Enterprising Granny’s’ greatest hates in life today, is the media and people themselves constantly telling everybody how busy they are.  Be enterprising, make lists, organize yourselves, spend less time on your devices and you will be far less stressed and you will be pleasantly surprised how much time you have to enjoy with your family and enjoy your healthy meals together.  This new way of eating is truly ‘The Best Quick Weight Loss Diet’.

Make a Habit of Reading Labels

If you do buy processed foods, which is helpful on occasions for certain recipes, learn to read the labels and you will be amazed how much sugar, salt and fat is contained in these products, you will then realize how ‘The Best Quick Weight Loss Diet’ works.

Soft drinks are diabolic when it comes to gaining weight and unfortunately there are whole isles of them in the supermarkets. Once again these drinks were only drunk on special occasions and now you can buy them at such a cheap price, and they are full of sugar and preservatives, as well as putting on weight, they are so bad for you.  Be enterprising, don’t buy them for you and your family.

Water filters are great, you don’t have to purchase expensive filters, nor buy water in plastic bottles,  just make sure your family drinks more water.

Juicers should be a must in every household and once again the expensive ones are great but if they are too expensive for you to begin with, check out the cheaper types, you may want to upgrade to a more expensive one in the future.  Just start your own juicing and get into the habit of preparing your own juices, anything is better than bought soft drinks.

What ever juicer you decide to buy, just buy one, trust me, you will save so much money on your drinks and your new way of eating and enjoying ‘The Best Quick Weight Loss Diet’

Enjoy Your Savings as a Result of Being Enterprising With Your Diet.

Wow, now your body is beginning to look the way you want it to look, start buying nice clothes to wear and enjoy your enterprising skills to be the person you really are.

You wouldn’t be reading this article if your not enterprising, but sharing different ideas is great, and we can learn from each other on a daily basis.

Stay Slim, look and feel fabulous and enjoy


The Enterprising Granny.


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