The Enterprising Granny – How to Become Rich Overnight

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Start  by Having a Rich Mindset.


If you are living in a mindset of not having enough, you never will have enough.  Aim at having wealth in all aspect of your life whether it be financial wealth, or being wealthy and happy in mind, body and soul.  Most wealthy people become wealthy, not by thinking of becoming wealthy, but by doing something they enjoy doing and wealth follows.

You can indeed change your mindset overnight and you will find out ‘how to become rich overnight’

Achieving financial wealth doesn’t happen overnight, but changing the way you think will be the first huge step to achieving goals you previously hadn’t thought possible.

Before Going to Bed


Write down what you want to achieve the following day,  make yourself a promise and don’t deviate from this list.

Make up a menu for the day ahead, including the menial chores to the more challenging goals, and promise yourself you won’t go to to bed that night until you have achieved the items on your list, no excuses, ‘just do it’!

After your toiletries, begin with a healthy breakfast, prepare and take a healthy lunch, buy ingredients for a home cooked evening meal which will lead to a healthier diet, giving you a slimmer healthier body and save an enormous amount of money, work on giving up cigarettes, ‘if you are one of those unfortunate people who is still smoking’, cut back on your intake of alcohol, arrange to spend more happy times with your loved ones and friends.

Don’t procrastinate in doing the chores you hate doing, do them immediately and you will be surprised how little time these chores actually take to do and think of them as exercise, this isn’t pretending that you will enjoy these chores but when you have done something you have been putting off, enjoy the feeling of achievements.

Wake Up 15 mins

Start working on your list, make time to give your family some loving time, have a healthy breakfast, if you work outside your home, prepare and pack a healthy lunch for you and the other members of your family.

Walk out the door well dressed for your job, feel professional and professionalism will follow.

Are you enjoying your present job? if so, work at it in a professional way and give it your very best, this is how rich people operate.   If you are unhappy in your present job, ask yourself, what do I have to do to get out of this situation. On completion of your work day, go over your list, how have you filled in your day? and are you on tract to completing your list for that day.

Make a habit of switching off at the end of the day, enjoy dinner time with your family or friends, and if you have more work  to do after dinner, get yourself back into work mode until your chores are completed and you will be ready to make your list for the following day, knowing that you are truly finding out “how to become rich overnight”.

Put Thought Into Your Life.

 Man-yawningToo many people get up in the morning and in a robotic way get dressed and begin their uneventful day.   This is where the list you make before retiring will become your best friend, if you have a family bring them into the fun of organizing their days and you will find it so rewarding, achieving your daily goals.

Be enterprising, you can achieve great success if you have this attribute, learn the benefits.
Don’t get into today’s thinking that you are too busy for most thing in life.   That’s media talk. Organize your time and you will be amazed how much time you do have.
Have a good work ethic, this is one of the most important habits to becoming rich.
Be organized, learn to delegate and use your time for your advancement to becoming rich.
Be a loving partner and/or parent, son, daughter, friend, with a loving family, and or friends helping you. You will be rich.
Learn to make money
, some people find making money easy, read up on suggestions if you don’t have this talent.
Save money
, learn to live below your means.
Don’t get into the habit of buying take away coffee and food, fresh is best and so much less expensive.  A coffee machine is a good way to start saving money on take away coffees, you and your family will become great coffee connoisseurs and have fun doing so.


Do charity work. giving to others is a great way of showing gratitude.
DIY around your home,
if you are able to do chores and repair things around your home, proper maintenance saves heaps.
Hobbies, become involved in your favorite hobby it’s great down time and therapy.

Being Grateful is the Greatest Teacher.

You will truly become rich overnight if you are grateful for what you have, health, roof over your head, loving family, friends, intellect, think about what you have, not what you don’t have, don’t compare yourself with others, be grateful.

Too often we get tied up with what we want, which develops negative energy and mindset within our bodies, bringing on stress and sometimes illnesses, it also gives the wrong message to the universe.  Instead of concentrating on what we don’t have, be grateful for what we have.   This sounds difficult but it really takes just a little practice and you will be amazed the positive results.

Going From a Positive Mindset to Achieving Financial Success.

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Following the steps above, you are now on your way to achieving true financial success.   You will have more time in your day than you ever dreamed of, because you won’t be wasting time on unnecessary time wasters, you will be healthier and wealthier in your mind, body and soul.

You are now ready to develop some of these suggestions and achieve true financial success.


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