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Enterprising GrannyGwenyth from Gwenny Enterprises Online likes to think of herself as ‘The Enterprising Granny’ who always looks for ways of being enterprising in all aspects of life, no matter what obstacles are thrown at her, which, like most people, have on occasions been heartbreaking and challenging.

Learning about Online Marketing

My name is Gwenyth and when I first retired I felt lost and needed an interest to help me keep up with our ever-changing world, and as luck had it, I was introduced to the ‘Online Marketing World’.

I began to do some research which became more intriguing as I found so many people trying to sell the strangest of programs, some of which were quite amusing and yet in many cases they were asking large amounts of money, and when I looked further into what they were offering, sometimes there wasn’t even a product, they were just selling ideas.

Buy me sign

I might be ‘The Enterprising Granny’ but I’m not a magician, however I did become involved with a few programs who promised success and support, but that didn’t happen, two of these programs actually closed down, one of which was closed down by the FTC, (Federal Trade Commission) (America), if you are looking to get into the online marketing world, a word of warning, be careful,  there are so many programs out there promising large incomes in a very short time.

You will find out that many of these companies have only been operating for just a few months or a few years, I learned along the way, albeit the hard way, that I needed more longevity and stability in a company than that.

Sharing Experiences with Online Marketing

I had heard, as so many of you would have heard, about the people who are supposedly making millions online which didn’t impress me, I just needed, firstly an interest to use my brain and secondly, but not least, to top up my income to allow me the life I enjoyed when I was working my 9 to 5 job,

“I might add I do now have people around me who do make millions online”

Not Wanting to be Tied Down to working at a Desk

Office mad worker - cropped

My main interested finding an online business was to be able to work from anywhere in the world and work the hours I choose.

I researched so many programs, which were offering great promises, some suggested buying stock and selling it yourself, hard work and restricting, some Multi-Level Marketing Programs, wasn’t at all interested, selling on email, selling on, Facebook, I felt I needed more support than these companies were offering, support was offered but usually at a price, and for a tech dummy like me I needed ongoing, and sometimes daily help, which would cost me a fortune above the original set up fee.

I got to a point where I thought it was all too hard, and as luck had it I was introduced to, what I call the perfect internet marketing program and company which walks you through setting up websites, covers your hosting fee, covers your SSLs for many websites, teaches how to use social media for marketing, trains you on email marketing and to prove the legitimacy of this company it has been operating for 15 years.   The support is unsurpassed and is available 24/7, sounded just what I needed.

The program doesn’t have any upfront expensive outlay, “that suited me” it offers a free start up point, “couldn’t be better” so you can see if this program is suitable for you, and if you like the program you can go to the next level for a small fee per month.  I was in!

You are not locked into any time frame, if it isn’t for you, you can leave the program at any time without any penalty. I thought all my wishes had arrived in this one amazing parcel.

I couldn’t believe my luck, after researching many programs I came across this fantastic offer which clearly explains online  marketing.

I now truly feel ‘The Enterprising Granny’ I so wanted to find something that suited me and with the amazing support I am receiving, on a daily basis, if needed, and at no extra cost, and more importantly, not made feel stupid if I ask some dumb question. Which does happen.

Whether you are retired and just want a top up of money, or younger and you want to escape the 9-5 working day, which has unfortunately become so very stressful, I believe I have found the perfect Online Marketing Course for anybody who is either in an online business already and trying to find success, or just starting out.

My wonderful savior is Wealthy Affiliates if they can help me they can help anybody.

Don’t Listen to the Loud Salesperson Types

You know the type, They bombard us on social media promising huge incomes in a short period of time, and selling you a program, sometimes for large amounts of money, for you to only find there is no support and the income doesn’t arrive, (been there, done that)

I  put the idea of selling on line on the back burner, and then as chance had it, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to this fabulous Company that explains how affiliate marketing works in an honest and ethical way and offers huge support, and for someone who hasn’t been tech minded (like me) shows you a step by step process how to sell online without an expensive outlay and offers an opportunity for making a great income, which I wasn’t really looking for, however it works, and I love it.

Wealthy Affiliates has given me a new lease of life. I am now working with a community of like-minded people from all around the world, whom I can call on at any time of the day or night. The tech knowledge these people have is amazing and they are willing and keen to share their knowledge and help me in achieving my success.

If you’re interested in making money on line, check out

Wealthy Affiliates, it’s a great company.

Having fun and loving life!

Gwenyth Anthony

The Enterprising Granny – Gwenny Enterprises Online

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