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To be enterprising we must first start with the management of our work and our personal life.   Earning a living is a must to allow us to enjoy the other areas of our life, so let’s start here.

Your Life Goals

Life Goals vary from one person to another, don’t get caught up in the belief that you have to achieve what your neighbor has achieved.   The most important thing for an enterprising person, is happiness.

Family Fun Cropped

Make a list of the people and things that are important in your life, now make a list of the unnecessary things you are spending your valuable time on.

Consider your interests and passions and prioritize your time to enjoy these activities, however always remember that you have to have an income to fulfill your lifestyle and desires.

Make Your Work time Work For You.

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Managing your work and personal life starts with the time you spend working on your career, learn to work to live not live to work.   So many people are working their life away and not enjoying their families and friends or interests outside their workplace.

We are thrown into a workplace with total strangers who we often spend more time with than our family and friends.  Change this situation.  It’s wonderful if you love your job, but unfortunately many people are in a career they are not enjoying and working longer hours which brings on extra stress that can effect their mental health.  Consider changing companies or even careers, an enterprising person will find ways to overcome this toxic situation.

A person who loves their job is in a fortunate position, however they too should prioritize their time and spend more leisure time, particularly if you are in a family situation.   Many families break up because one partner spends too much time away from home.  Management of work and personal time is so important for a happy life.

Practice Time Management

It’s so easy to get tied up with your day, your week, your month and another year has gone and you have achieved very little.

Make a list of your goals for each day, write down everything you want to achieve that day from waking up to retiring at night and you will be amazed how much you can achieve and how much clearer you mind will become, (I promise you your sleep will also improve).


Wow, isn’t this a big one!  Living to a budget is yet another important step in being an enterprising person and an important step to the Management Of Work And Personal Life.

If you are stressed out about money all the time, take note of what you earn and what you are spending your money on.   Get back to fundamental living instead of buying everything you want and not necessarily need.  

Are you cooking at home? or are you buying takeaway?  Quite beside the health benefits of home cooked food, the money wasted on this junk food these days is mind blowing.

The thinking today, that everybody is so busy, look at your predecessors and see what they did in their days work.   They didn’t have the media telling them on a daily basis how busy they were.   Put down your electronic devices for unnecessary time wasting events and get on with your work, you will be amazed what you can achieve.

Check out some suggested budget spreadsheets, have fun with these, make a list of your income and expenses, and you will be delighted with the results.  The important thing is just DO IT!

Plan An Exercise Regime,

Gym subscriptions are not necessary, if you love it, do it, but there are many other ways of fitting in exercise to your life.

If you like gym work, think of purchasing some exercise equipment for your home, which you can use on a daily basis, allowing you to have more home time to spend with your family.   The equipment you choose will depend on the space you have in your home and what type of exercise you prefer.

Take into account how much walking you do and select a device to show how active you are in your day, this is a great way of getting into a habit of getting more exercise.

In this sedentary world we live in we have to concentrate on how much exercise we are getting, we know it has been proven that exercise reduces anxiety and depression and generally gives the body more energy.

Eat healthy food, drink alcohol in moderation. avoid smoking and illegal drugs, and allow down time and get plenty of sleep and you are well on your way to achieving a life of good management of work and personal life.

Good Relationships

If you are in a relationship that isn’t healthy, try to get help, don’t just up and leave, that can sometimes mean you are getting yourself into a more stressful situation.   You loved this person at sometime, what went wrong?

The obvious advice is to sit down and talk with the other person involved, once again you can diarize your results, work together and if this isn’t working for you, talk to your medical practitioner and allow them to suggest the next step.

Sometimes bad relationships develop in the workplace, and seeing you are sometimes spending more time with these people than your true friends and family, unfortunately, you are the only person who can rectify this problem.

An enterprising person will find other alternatives to get out of this toxic situation and look for other companies or even another career.

Enjoy your journey and live with the attitude of achieving good management of work and personal life.

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