Finding Joy in Tough Times – Be Enterprising

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Enterprising people can find joy at this tough time of lock down which has affected people all around the world.

Being kept away from family members and friends has caused some people to become lonely and/or depressed.

Gwenyth from Gwenny Enterprises Online, tries to find joy in tough times by being enterprising and grateful for her own situation and realizes that she is so much better off than many, many other people, who have lost jobs, lost businesses, lost their homes and indeed in Gwenyth’s age group, many have lost their lives.

Mums and dads are homeschooling children, whilst trying to cope with their normal daily work, some of whom are in small apartments. That’s tough!


Times are tough at the moment for so many people.

Expecting to find joy in these tough times sounds fanciful, I am not a believer in, don’t worry everything will be okay.

Remember ‘If it’s meant to be it’s up to me’.

Whatever situation exists in your life at the moment, this is where you’re at and the problem has to be dealt with.

Find some positives at this time

At any time whether it is in this lock down period we are experience at the moment, finding joy in tough times isn’t easy, but take time to sit down, on your own or if you are with a partner, involve them, write down the areas in your life you can work on to make your life more joyful.

1.Health & Fitness
2. Healthy Eating
4.Work & Income

During lock down, we are learning that our list doesn’t have to be all that long. We can’t travel far, which makes us realize who and what are the most important things in our lives. Sure we miss our holidays but look at this experience as a learning curb and a time to truly find ourselves.

Health and fitness is No.1 to me. Checkout on You Tube the exercise regimes that are available to do in our confined spaces, I personally like tai chi, which doesn’t need much space and is so good for your mind and body.

Tai Chi

You, will find something that appeals to you and hopefully you will be able to encourage the rest of your family to become involved as well.

Healthy Eating. What a great time to concentrate on good food, none of this take away or home delivered junk food, which is so bad for you and much more expensive. Have fun in the kitchen and get everyone involve. Get the kids to choose the menu, take them to buy the ingredients and cook something wholesome.

Relationships. What are you looking for in a relationship? Be open with the other person involved and discuss things freely. In years gone by this was a taboo subject but today our minds are more open which means open discussions should be the obvious thing to do.

Unfortunately, relationships are not necessarily happier today but that is a subject for a more experienced person than I.

Work on your relationship and make your lives full of joy.

Work and Income. Unfortunately, more arguments occur around money issues than any other area in our lives.

Highlight this line in your list and openly discuss what you want ‘or need’, and how you are going to achieve a solution.

Technology. During this time of lock down we have had the advantage of the internet ‘how wonderful’ enabling people to work from home, which has allowed families to continue receiving their normal income.

Virtual connections have been available, connecting with family and friends, lots of entertainment has been arranged by enterprising people. Another perfect example of finding joy in tough times.

People Cocktails

Cocktail parties, birthday parties, kids dance classes, music classes, school classes, classes of all types even morning coffee and fancy lunches with friends. Our imagination has certainly been stirred by aiming to find joy in tough times. Congratulations!

Interests. This is a great opportunity to use the extra time we have to pursue new interests or spend more time on our existing interests that we haven’t had time for on other occasions.

If we are working from home we can use the time we normally spend on commuting to and from our place of employment to spend on our hobbies, or just spend more time with our partner and children.

 Family Dinner

Many people are having their evening meals, during the week, with their families which is a luxury, as they are normally getting home after their children have gone to bed.

In Cases of Loss

 These situations are different to what we have been discussing above.

I am not a therapist of any description, I just believe there are ways of working on overcoming adversities, which I have had to do in many areas of my life.

Remember, you are where you are at the moment, and you either work through it or you die. Please don’t allow the latter to occur!

If you feel you need therapy, check with your medical practitioner, or if your loss is financial, check out with your bank or financial adviser for assistance, don’t suffer on your own.

Turning to spirituality helps many people. We had a dreadful accident in NSW, Australia in February 2020, where a drunk/drugged man ran off the road and killed 3 children from one family and their cousin.

The parents of the 3 children, who share how they suffer every day, have found solace in forgiving the driver. These amazing people have set up a website, ‘’. (‘I’ as in me) (Check it out) We can certainly learn from such strong, wonderfully spiritual people.

God bless them.

Exercise your mind and body to help release pent-up tension and use your mind and breathing to help move your thoughts away from your loss.

A few YouTube sites for help:– Eckhart HTolle – Thich Nhat Hanh. There are numerous site on You Tube, take note, they can all help in some way.


May we all come through this period of time and come out the other end stronger, appreciating more joy and be more enterprising than ever.











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