Become A Glamour Granny – Be Imaginative

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Glamour GrannyBeing a glamour granny means we have to be enterprising and use our imagination on a daily basis.

We are what we are! Notice I used what, not who! Who we are is what is within, what we are is what we make of ourselves.

Being glamorous doesn’t mean being so self-absorbed with oneself that you are only thinking about how you look. Being a glamour granny is displaying how enterprising you are and how grateful you are for being you.

We have been given this amazing piece of machinery to look after, it’s called a body, and sure it ages but try to look on the bright side and practice a few steps to preserve our bodies the best we can.

Overcoming Adversities

Gwenyth from Gwenny Enterprises Online was always very healthy, for which she was extremely grateful and probably took it for granted. Suddenly (in one week) whilst going through a lot of stress in her life, she was struck down with polymyalgia, or polymyalgia rheumatica which is an inflammatory disease of the muscles. The pain was unimaginable until the doctors diagnosed the problem and put her on prednisone.

What a shock! Gwenyth had always thought that if you live a healthy lifestyle, sickness doesn’t occur, (God moves in mysterious ways) She was told by her doctors that she would be on prednisone for possibly 2 years, Gwenyth thought ‘no way’ she hadn’t ever taken drugs and wasn’t going to start now.

Five years later, I am still on prednisone.

I had to realize that this is how I have to live my life at the moment, and make the most of the situation I find myself in, so I put on my enterprising hat and found the best medical people, both main stream and alternative practitioner,and of course my wonderful Qi Gong’ and I am achieving amazing things I only dreamed and prayed for 5 years ago.

I realize that I am one lucky person, my illness isn’t terminal, I am mobile, my mind is clear and life is generally wonderful.

Medical Advice and Practices Available Today.

We have such wonderful medical services available in our world today, find a practitioner suitable for your needs. There are good and bad in all works of life, including the medical field.

I had a hip problem, I didn’t need a hip replacement, the specialist said he could operate, it might work but it may not, and suggested I go home and buy a walker or wheelie and see how you go. I went home and sat for 5 weeks thinking this was the end of me being mobile, when a friend suggested an osteopath who fitted me in very quickly because of
the severity of my problem. After one treatment and some exercises he recommended, I could walk and the
relief was a miracle, I only had two other treatment and haven’t needed to go back again.

I’m not saying that all osteopaths are good, and I am not saying all orthopedic surgeon are bad, I was fortunate to have a friend who suggested this great guy. I was blessed.

Our medical system is wonderful for which I have a great respect for, but with everything you have to choose the one that suits you. I moved to a new State in Australia and I saw 4 doctors before I found one I trusted and who understood me.

There are many alternatives available in today’s world, I love
Qi Gong, this has helped with my health and there are loads of daily practices online with easy to follow instructions.

With the correct exercises and mind set, and the right practitioner, amazing healing can be achieved.

Being Fit is the First Step to Being Glamorous.

Have a daily exercise routine! Joining a gym isn’t necessary, if you love it, go for it.

There are many other ways of exercising, daily walks, nothing better!  Local councils often arrange walking clubs and if you are looking for company, this is a great way of meeting people.

Sports people get their exercise in an organized way, and are keeping in touch with other people, dance clubs are fun.  If you enjoy gym work, consider a home gym, you can either have a personal trainer advise you which exercises are best for you, or go online and find the best exercises that suits you.

The recommended exercise time per week is 3 to 5 hours.

Move your body! I heard a doctor comment recently that sitting is going to be the new smoking, people are not moving enough.

Daily beauty routine

This is such an important step to being glamorous, take time out for relaxation. Meditation is a wonderful healing practice and once again there are many suggestions available online.

I like to get my house tidy for the day and before I shower I have my exercise time and then I meditate, not necessarily for half an hour, but after my Qi Gong (which is a meditation in its self) I just sit, say a little prayer which clears my mind ready for the tasks ahead.

Some people say they work in their pajamas, ‘I can’t relate to this’, I need to get dressed and apply my makeup, then I’m ready for business, or to go out, which ever is on my program for the day.  Of course if you’re a young and gorgeous Glamour Granny, you probably don’t need a great deal of makeup but you do need a good beauty regime.

There are many wonderful beauty products available today at varying price points.  Find a friendly shop assistant who has good product knowledge, let them know what you are looking for and your financial situation and you will be surprised the deals they will come up with.

I bet you are already feeling like a true Glamour Granny.

Your Wardrobe

Buy the best you can afford and intermix these with less expensive clothes. You don’t need heaps of clothes, some people think to have loads of clothes is the recipe for being well-dressed.

I was taught to mix and match and this has continued on all through my life, from my corporate clothes to the more casual clothes I am now wearing in my more relaxed lifestyle on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia.

Buy clothes to suit your body shape and buy quality not quantity. You will be amazed how few clothes you really need, and how much longer they will last. You don’t always have to spend large amounts of money, check out the sales. Some op-shops have good buys, (others are dreadful) and don’t buy an item because it’s cheap, remember you now have the time to browse. Walking around the shops is another form of exercise.

The Wonderful World of Technology

We are so spoiled! Can you imagine our lives without the internet!

Technology has given everybody the opportunity to explore our world and everything about it. Our parents couldn’t have imagined that if you wanted to find something out about anything, we would be able to just type in a few words relating to that subject and multiple replies would come up.

No need for huge volumes of Encyclopedias, which have to be updated each year.

Gwenyth, from Gwenny Enterprises Online, as do so many other people, uses the internet to research loads of subjects, she reads the world news and indeed her own local papers, studying health and fitness, beauty tips, medical advice (which must be overseen by a medical practitioner) the list goes on.

Gwenyth also runs an Online business, which she can work at anywhere in the World (when we can travel again)

There is so much business done online these days, even if you are a Granny, the world is your oyster.  If you’re interested in making some extra money to help you be more glamorous, check out Wealthy Affiliates, its a great company.

I am saddened with older people who haven’t taken the advantage of the internet, they are left behind and not at all enterprising.

The entertainment is amazing, free or otherwise, I love YouTube, but we have Netflix, Pay TV, the list goes on, these mediums are fabulous, there is no need to be lonely or bored but then again a Glamour Granny wouldn’t know the meaning of these words.

Be healthy, have fun and look fabulous.




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