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Enterprising Granny

Hi everyone and welcome to my “Gwenny Enterprises Online website”.   I am super excited to share my experiences with you regarding being enterprising.

I am a retired real estate agent, who for many years managed and sold retirement village units around NSW Australia.  When I retired from my day job I felt I needed something to continue to allow me to enjoy the enterprising life that I had been used to, when I was introduced to online marketing, which has filled this void beautifully.


On retirement I moved to the hinterland of the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland Australia and as a mother of 2 adult children and six beautiful grandchildren, all of whom, unfortunately live in other states and countries, I needed something outside my family to make my life complete.

Hinterland GCI have tried to always have an open mind to all situations in life, some good and some bad, and my enterprising personality for which I feel blessed to enjoy, came to the fore, and I use this belief to keep myself active in my life.

I love keeping fit and healthy, I love fashion, International politics, travel, (when we can) and generally making the most of every situation in this short time on earth.

I hope you enjoy reading about my philosophy on life and let’s  be enterprising and above all be grateful for what we have and make the most of every day like it is the last day on this planet.

Love life, have fun and take care!laughing-elephant

Gwenyth Anthony

Gwenny Enterprises Online

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