What is Enterprising – List of Enterprising Skills

The word enterprising has the word enterprise in it and therefore is often associated with just a person’s business world, but we at Gwenny Enterprises Online believe enterprising can actually refer to all aspects of a person’s life. Let’s look at some attributes an enterprising person displays on a daily basis. Prioritize your tasks for … Read more

Constant Learning – Be Consistent In Life

Gwenyth from Gwenny Enterprises Online, sold and managed retirement villages for many year and always felt disappointed with how many older people felt they knew most things and who were constantly giving advise to other people on just about every subject. Stop!   Sure we have acquired experiences over the years but with this changing … Read more

Finding Joy in Tough Times – Be Enterprising

Enterprising people can find joy at this tough time of lock down which has affected people all around the world. Being kept away from family members and friends has caused some people to become lonely and/or depressed. Gwenyth from Gwenny Enterprises Online, tries to find joy in tough times by being enterprising and grateful for … Read more

Become A Glamour Granny – Be Imaginative

Being a glamour granny means we have to be enterprising and use our imagination on a daily basis. We are what we are! Notice I used what, not who! Who we are is what is within, what we are is what we make of ourselves. Being glamorous doesn’t mean being so self-absorbed with oneself that … Read more